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Take a step towards your life transformation

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Experience the whole Quantum Healing (QH1) Self-Alignment process. Go through the 5 weekly sessions program setting up your mind, body, and spirit into the well functioning system. Discover the tools and learn how to master yourself while receiving guidance every step of the time. Not only experience it, but gain the conscious knowledge of how your mind works and how simple it is to improve it along with the results in your life.
$ 750 
  • Your Resources session – I’ll help you consciously access seven specific resource states that your body-mind already has available, and get them working together – often they aren’t. 

  • Your Eye-Map session – I’ll check your mind-body processing system to make sure your system is processing effectively – most peoples’ are not. Then we support your system to upgrade its capabilities.

  • Your Time-Lines session – we’ll explore your brain’s coding of past, present and future, so you can more effectively apply past learning to present decisions and future possibilities. You will also gain a clearer understanding of the future consequences of current decisions.

  • Your Energy System session – we’ll explore the energy centers of your body and tune them up, and integrate them with your Resources and Time Lines.

  • Your Journey session – when your system is all set and well functioning during the final process you will experience the most profound connection with your higher self. Enjoy the Trip!

  • Apart the 5 x 1 hour weekly sessions You will have the full access to me by email or direct messages for any further questions or clarifications needed during the process and beyond. 

  • You will be invited to the group of Quantum Healing Graduates where people share their experiences and all the profound possibilities there exists in this realm.
  • You will get one year subscription to Q&A live calls for the Graduates Group members.
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