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Calibrate your vibration

How to calibrate your vibration to match your true self. The steps of awakening. How to learn to operate your vibration as a radio tuner. How to get in alignment.

When I understood the concept of my Inner Being as my spiritual part, as my very best possible version, my true authentic self, my soul. I realize that my Inner Being does not hold the limiting beliefs - I do, it does not trust the critical voice in my head - I do, it does not look for other people's opinions or validations to make a decision - it knows it all, it does not judge others, just loves them. I understand that all that is in my head, it is just my false perceptions and paradigms that I imprisoned myself into and only I can set myself free by reprogramming my mind. Become free from my ego, judgments for me and others, by accepting my present reality, by loving myself as I am and by getting closer and connecting to my Inner Being. The feeling in those moments of perfect Source guidance, of the alignment it is hard to put in words. It is something I wish you all experience for yourself. The only thing certain is when you taste the feeling you will never be satisfied with the absence of it. In a way I became an alignment junky, looking for the different ways to get into the connection, into the perfect flow of inspiring ideas, messages, and amazing synchronicities. And because the state of alignment is not something you do once and have it forever, you either are in alignment or you are not every single moment. It requires awareness and practice. My desperation to be connected made me search for different ways of getting into the state of flow. I discovered some tricks that worked for me. You can read about that in my other post, and now I will continue this one by describing the general principles of getting in alignment.

See it is all about calibrating to the same frequency that your Inner Being is operating at. We can take radio as an example, the old-style radio where you had to turn the tuner back and forward in order to set it on the precise frequency of the radio station to be able to hear the music. And the red arrow was moving back and forward along the frequency scale showing you how close or far you are from the target (If you practically know what I'm talking about - congratulations, you are probably not one of the millennial kids that only understands buttons and clicks. If you are one of them you most likely were born understanding the vibration, either way, it's perfect). We as humans function in a very similar way, we receive and emit energy vibrations in and out of the Field. We always calibrate to something or someone.

It is quite natural for us humans to calibrate to other people's energy and those of you who have recognized themselves as empaths need no further explanation. Empaths are very sensitive radio tuners that easily calibrate to the frequency of the surroundings. They have a pretty big advantage talking about the ability to align to their Inner Being, just that it takes quite some effort to master yourself, it requires more focus to find your balance or grounding.

Generally speaking, you enter the room with people discussing some relevant problem and in a minute you remember a couple more examples or situations to back up the discussion - you calibrate to the energy and the thoughts of the group. If you turn on the news spreading the panic about the deadly virus - you calibrate to the information and feel how the fear is creeping in. If you hang around negative people, you calibrate to the negative emotions and their vibration. If you spend more time in nature - you calibrate to the frequency of nature, around 8 Hz which is as well human body natural frequency and that’s why we feel elevated after taking a walk in the forest. If you surround yourself with rich people you calibrate to their mentality and begin to see more opportunities to make money in your life. That's why they say - you are the average of 5 people you spend the most time with. You calibrate to the people surrounding you, as well as to the environment or broadcasting devices. This process is happening constantly, but we are rarely aware of that.

One willing to connect to its Inner Being needs to use exactly the same principle of calibration. The difference here - you will have to become more aware of your thoughts and feelings and deliberately calibrate to the higher vibration. I described emotions and feelings as your guidance system in my previous post, meaning that your emotions help you know if you are in alignment. Emotions are guiding you like the red arrow on the radio tuner and of course the ugly sound when you are between the radio station frequencies. When you are in tune you enjoy the beautiful music, you feel love, joy, peace, fulfillment, satisfaction in doing things, but when you shift away from the particular frequency - the disturbing noise will appear, and the anger, fear, unworthiness, depression follows.

If you follow the emotional scale of vibrations - you know that emotions like love, joy, peace are leading you towards your Inner Being, and the more negative emotions take you away. Typically we observe situations, people or events and then react with positive or negative emotion. This habit is for people who are living their lives by default, but if you are ready for the change - you will have to adjust. You want to become a creator of your reality, not a reactor to your reality, right? So you will have to learn to imagine your new future, imagine your future self the way you want it to be. You will have to learn to feel the feeling without having something to react to because the power of feeling changes the reality. You will have to become the person you want to be within before you see the manifested results. Then there is no more airtime for negative thinking, no more self-blame, self-doubt, no more comparing yourself with others, no more jealousy, no more blame, no more ego. All these things will not disappear from your life immediately, but if you don't pay attention to them, and focus on the positive things, thoughts and feelings, they will slowly lose the importance and with time - evaporate. You will choose your focus deliberately. If you were a skillful radio user back in the days you will be familiar with this example. When you get really close to your targeted frequency on the scale often it will jump over and you will be turning the tuner back and forward in the very tiny gentle movement, but it will skip your wanted station. It gets frustrating! The only way to set it well will be tuning away to the other end of the scale and start over. That is like letting go of the issue that you were struggling for a while. Taking your attention away from the problem, focusing on the positive things so the problem often solves itself, or in a while you will be able to look at it with the new eyes and find the solution.

Look for better feeling thoughts, do more things that satisfy you, that makes you happy and fulfilled, be nice to yourself and others. You can not hustle into alignment, you can only smooth it in by feeling good. This reminds me of a honeymoon effect that Bruce Lipton is describing. When one is in love the balance of conscious and subconscious mind changes drastically, the conscious mind becomes active up to 90% of the time, compared with 5% in the ordinary state. That means the person is present most of the time, he or she observes and participates in every moment. They can not think of past mistakes and problems, neither worry for the future, they are being now and they enjoy every single moment. And truly the period of awakening feels exactly like being in love, just not with the particular person, but the life itself and everything around.

Here are a couple of requirements for getting in alignment.

Being present - not thinking in the history of the past or the illusion of the future. Being in the moment of NOW the mind chatter usually subsides so you can hear your Inner Being - receive a thought, an idea, an impulse to act on something.
Being conscious and clear-minded - when the creative conscious mind is active and the subconscious program is on hold, you are alert and aware of your environment, thoughts, and feelings.
Feeling high elevated emotions - gratitude, love, happiness, excitement, appreciation, forgiveness, joy will lift your vibration significantly. At first one might feel the fluctuation of the overall vibration, but when a higher vibrational set-point is established, getting in alignment becomes easy. It becomes a new normal state.

There are some side effects though. Be ready to share some tiers,... tiers of joy, that overwhelming feeling of love for life, for yourself, that enormous gratitude for having a chance to experience that fulfilling connection to Source. I recommend carrying around some napkins, or even a towel in some moments (just kidding actually)… Even writing this part gives me the goosebumps - another sign of alignment.

Here we go, I hope it all makes sense to you and this information is beneficial. I am sure if you apply some practical steps to raise your vibration - you can get high on happiness, overloaded with love and enjoy your life to the fullest as the best version of yourself. Stay awesome!

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