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Emotions are your guidance system

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

How thoughts lead to emotions in the body and how it is guiding you. What your best possible version is and how to connect to your Inner Being.

Most of us are striving to be better, smarter, fitter, richer, more confident, more compassionate, more charming in shorter words, the best version of ourselves. But who is that best possible version of ours? I have a perspective for you to offer. This is based on the understanding that we are not only physical beings - we are spiritual beings in the physical body. The spiritual part is eternal positive Source energy, our soul that chooses to come to the physical life experience for the expansion and that continues to exist after the physical body is no longer available. So every person has his Inner Being - the spiritual part that is always positive and is guiding you through life in a very awesome way (by my experience). So that Source energy part, spiritual part or in other words our Inner Being is the purest and most perfect version of ourselves. It represents all the best qualities of our personality, the best possible abilities, and skills, perfect perception of the world, total self-worth, unconditional love, and compassion. Unfortunately from the first day in this world we are being programmed, thought, limited in many ways. So growing up we accept many paradigms, limiting beliefs, we form our self-perception in the surrounding world based on our experiences, we learn to behave according to the social standards that in many cases go against our true self. The more different experiences we have that contradict our Inner Being's perception the farther away from our true self we get and the worse we feel.

The emotions are like the indicator of the level of a person's alignment. The Inner Being is all positive, loving, and all-knowing (part of Source/ God), it knows where you are in every moment of time in a relationship with it. Emotions are just like a guidance system showing if you are in alignment with your Inner Being and its opinion towards the situation, an experience, a person or so. Just like physical pain is indicating some problems in the body to get your attention and fixing it. The pain is not bad on its own - it plays a very important role. So is the emotion - we would like not to feel the bad emotion because it sucks at that moment. But if you understand it is just a signal guiding you to the real issue… just like you might not enjoy the physical pain at the moment - but in a broader perspective, it is there to protect you. If you would not feel pain while holding your hand on a hot stove - your hand would burn and the tissues would get damaged so you will never be able to use your hand. But instead, the sense of pain and reflex helps us to remove the hand from the heat as soon as possible, saving you from bigger harm.

Feeling the negative emotion means - all-knowing Inner Being is having a different opinion of the situation than you. The stronger negative emotion you feel the stronger you are in disagreement or misalignment with your Inner Being, in other words, you move farther away from your true self, that's why it feels so bad. I was looking for a way not to feel the negative emotion, like to control how I feel, but the closer I got to my alignment, the more connected I was, the stronger emotions I was feeling. The generally higher level of vibration I achieved the stronger guidance I was feeling in the moment.

There is an emotional scale presenting the vibration level and its equivalent emotion to better envision the idea of emotional guidance. When you feel negative emotions your vibration is low and when you operate in high vibration the best feelings are filling your heart. Here the Alpha point is the biggest misalignment from your spiritual being and here you find the most negative emotions like shame, guilt, apathy, grief, and fear. The opposite end of the scale is love, joy, peace, and enlightenment where you begin to feel a strong connection and notice the amazing Source guidance, it is where synchronicities, great ideas, and impulses flow.

What needs to be achieved in order to transform negative emotions into positive ones is to manage the thoughts and perceptions, that kicks in the chemistry of the emotions. Like I explained the process of our brain function before, the thoughts we think triggers chemical reactions in the body and we perceive some feeling as a result. By thinking a better feeling thought you raise your vibration and this way can climb the emotional steps one higher emotion at a time. That's all you can do - find a better feeling and move from shame to guilt, from fear to desire, to anger. Anger is way better than fear, even though they are still negative emotions, you are moving in the right direction. It is hard to make a quantum leap from fear to peace, but you can gradually achieve peace going through the emotional steps.

The Inner Being approaches any situation, circumstance, or person with unconditional love. Unconditional… meaning disregarding your personal wish or opinion about the experience or person your Inner Being is always loving no matter what. So when you can’t find the love for the annoying person or you are mad at something that happened to you - you are not in alignment with the Source energy. If you were in alignment - you would have the access to the unconditional love of your Inner Being. And so you would not feel bad.

We tend to hold the other person, situation, or circumstances responsible for how we feel - the truth is, it is up to us and our alignment to the Source energy. Your Inner Being is guiding you - when you feel good emotion, you are in alignment when you feel bad emotions - you are out of the connection. So - get in alignment! Start thinking positive thoughts towards the situation or the person that does not feel great. Find some compassion, understanding, and gradually unconditional love by choosing a good feeling thought over the negative one. When you hold on to a positive thought for 17 seconds - another thought like it comes. Keep it up to 68 seconds and the positive thoughts will get momentum.

It is hard to start thinking positively in the storm of negativity. The best solution in this situation is meditation in order to stop the flow of thoughts. By stopping the flow of thoughts you stop negative thoughts and there you can start from scratch towards the positive thinking patterns. Or take a nap in sleep the conscious thinking stops too. Journaling is another great way to empty the mind - put your thoughts on paper and watch your feelings getting relieved slowly.

The most important relationship is between you and your Inner Being when that relationship is steady and strong - any other relationship will flow along with the other manifestations.

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