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Get into alignment and then...

What is the state of flow, alignment to the Source energy and how to get your magic flowing?

Just a couple of months ago I would not have understood the process I want to discuss here. Thankfully there is a shift of understanding happening within and I see the great influence of alignment in me. My personal experiences made me look for answers and explanations of what is happening. What is alignment or receptive mood? Others call it the flow state which is quite a popular subject of discussion among high performers in the business, sports, corporate world and other fields. I was contemplating the best way to describe the state of flow so I looked into the official definition of the word. The flow state according to Wikipedia is described like this:

‘’In positive psychology, a flow state, also known colloquially as being in the zone, is the mental state in which a person performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity. In essence, flow is characterized by the complete absorption in what one does, and a resulting transformation in one's sense of time.’’

In other words, the state of flow takes place when our mind is completely focused on one subject of the action or thinking with absolutely no distractions. It is being captivated in the moment of NOW and no other thoughts interfere within the process. In the state of flow we get amazing ideas, solutions to the problems of universal importance, our mind is sharp, our bodily functions are at peak. The productivity and all over performance skyrockets and it’s truly an empowering feeling. The biggest enemy of the flow state is the distracting inner chatter of our mind, the so-called ‘monkey mind’. To understand this analogy imagine every thought as a different branch of the tree and your mind as a monkey jumping from one branch to the other consistently. It can be exhausting if one is not able to quiet the mind. Being in the state of flow is a trainable skill and there are many mind and body hacks that help to achieve this ‘’ magical’’ state. Beginning with a meditation that is a scientifically proven method to improve your focus, decrease inner chatter, and increase happiness. Regular meditation was crucial for my own development and well-being. Another great way to control the monkey mind is daily journaling. Journaling has an impressive method to reduce inner chatter and it was life changing for me too. See, when you write your thoughts down they get released from the mind and captured on the paper.

When your mind is clear, with no inner chatter going on, it can generate or receive new thoughts and ideas instead of replaying the same thought patterns in loops. Isn’t that the true purpose of our mind? There are other strategies that could stimulate the state of flow like reducing the food consumption and choosing the right diet, the timing and duration of your sleep (following along with body's circadian rhythms), physical exercise, cold therapy, different brain entrainment techniques, visualization and focus exercises. All this is generally accepted and promoted by the scientific community, but since my experiences were leading me towards the spiritual understandings I have another perception to offer here. With the idea of duality and that we are spiritual beings in physical bodies and, as well, having in mind that everything is energy and has its specific vibration - alignment or receiving mode can be explained as a deeper or closer connection to the pure positive Source energy. It’s when we operate in the higher energy vibration, or we are taken over the higher or better feeling emotions. The main condition that needs to be fulfilled to be able to get into the receptive mode or the stepping stone in the process is feeling the elevated emotions like gratitude, happiness, love, joy, and peace. By achieving this high vibrational energy or good feeling one can align with the pure positive energy of Source.

In the state of alignment, one can receive the thoughts and ideas from the higher level consciousness, the elevated emotions at that moment are beautifully overwhelming, the synchronicities flow one after the other, the connection is felt so strongly that you don’t want it to end. It is like non drug high... The feeling of alignment and getting in the state of appreciation is expressed beautifully in this video. Enjoy!

Now when we agreed on a way to understand the state of alignment and flow I want to express the difference of taking action while being in alignment and not being in alignment. The difference is huge! Like Abraham Hicks says one that is connected to the Source energy is 1000 times more powerful than the one that is not. The results flow state of mind brings is far greater than normal. And if you once experienced the receptive mode, that pure flow of thought, you will never be satisfied with doing things out of alignment… It just does not feel right, it is so vague. Taking action out of alignment is like vacuuming the house without plugging in the vacuum cleaner to the electricity! You move around leaving the marks on the carpet as proof of you taking action, you move back and forward struggling, you even get to sweat and yet nothing significant is done at the end. You can even go through the room several times and tell everyone that you have really really done the work. But the only way you will get significant results is by ‘’connecting the vacuum cleaner to the electric power’’ and connecting yourself to the power of Source. It changes everything! I have been describing my own journey to reaching the state of alignment, it was truly a significant experience for me. I found a way to raise my vibration, to feel happiness, joy, love, and peace on the vibrational scale. I discovered forest as my environment of the highest connection and of course regular meditation, which helped me to keep my mind clear and reduce the inner chatter. But the biggest shift happened when I went through Quantum Healing Self-Alignment program. My system got set up for the constant flow, my monkey mind is no longer active as it was before, love, joy and gratitude is present and I have an amazing tool to work the things out if something shifts out of alignment.

You might find another way to your alignment, your receptive mode, and the flow. Maybe another environment, maybe another method will trigger it for you. But by all means, go ahead and look for what works for you, experiment, test yourself and find your superpower. I’m sure you can find it. It’s truly worth it! So get into alignment and then do anything else. Get into alignment and start writing a book, get into alignment and create a new invention, get into alignment and mold a sculpture, get into alignment and then do business, get into alignment and then ask your boss for a raise, get into alignment and then talk to your kids, get into alignment and discover who you really are, discover your purpose. Get into alignment and then… You are so powerful when you are connected. I somehow believe that people of creative nature, the artist, the musicians, the writers can relate to the feeling of alignment better than anyone. Myself as a very logical, technical human being struggled for a while, and only letting go of the monkey mind, letting go of my logic and learning to feel and manage my emotions allowed me to take a shift. It is so unfortunate that we are not being taught how to manage our thoughts, emotions, and feelings in the educational system. So our brains are pumped with information, numbers, logic, but the hearts and feelings are forgotten. For that reason, I decided to look for the information and find my own way of understanding, as the since could not explain the things I new exist. I am so grateful to have found my alignment, that happiness, and love of life, that empowering feeling of knowing that everything is exactly how it should be. In the receptive mode, I can easily feel the magic of the music as if I feel the message the composer embedded in the track, it gives me joy, the feel of the rhythm, it moves me. In the state of alignment, I appreciate the art, the beauty of nature, the love is bursting out of my heart, the endless joy and happiness are satisfying. I feel so full of energy, so powerful and knowing that everything is working out and I feel like I can go out and conquer the world. So I decided to write my blog and spread the good vibes by sharing my example and information along for anyone who reads to find their joy of life. Is it helpful? I truly hope it is!

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