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How we could change the world

How to move from the state of fear and find the frequency of love, compassion, and peace. How to create the change from inside out.

Has this thought ever come across your mind: what can I do to change the world? I know not all of us have this urge and it’s OK. But I’m sure there are people who have a strong feeling within that they are here to fulfill their calling to improve the world, to help people, to serve. And it is great to see those who clearly know their way, take immediate actions, and achieve their goals. But there are others, the deep thinkers, who have a strong desire to serve and improve the well-being of humanity in some way but are still in the process of figuring out the path to fulfill their purpose. And of course, the definition of what it means to change the world, and ways of serving humanity are as different as each of our perceptions of this world. But in very general terms I believe many of us, changemakers, would agree that we want people to be happy, healthy, loving and loved, free, we want all sentient beings to prosper naturally and there are millions of aspects of what needs to be improved for everyone on this planet to prosper. As I’m writing this during the time of worldwide lock-down and many people living in the unknown, fear, and frustration. While the media is spreading fear and convenient information for those orchestrating this whole show and people continuously giving away their power to the forces outside of themselves. For a while, I have been contemplating on how to help people to find the way to the different kind of information and understand the greatness of the power within them. So they would let go of fear and replace it with love, let go of the belief in sickness and accept the wellness, let go of negative thinking and stand strong in faith and knowing that everything is always working out, to let go of worry and understand that good could not be created if there was no one experiencing the bad. Because now more than ever we need people to wake up from this illusion of not being enough, being small and insignificant, powerless into the knowing that we all have access to Source Energy, to this unconditional love and limitless creative power. I received this exciting idea during my daily forest walk. I’m in one of those countries where people can still move freely and I’m extremely grateful for that. As I have mentioned many times before, my healing forest is the space of my alignment, of my deeper connection and inspiration (In - spirit). This was my contemplation: When we think a new thought (or learn a new skill) there is a new neural pathway being created and by the repetition of the thought the neural pathway is being wired into the brain becoming a habitual thought backed up with emotion or in other words a belief. This is a process of neuroplasticity put in one sentence. Science has proven that this is how this process is going on in our brain.

Then another thing that the latest science has proven is that our thoughts are not contained inside of our brain, but in the Unified Field, in ether, in the empty space around us. The Field is a collection of vibrations, different frequencies that our brain can tune into as a radio mechanism to catch the specific frequency of a radio station. The scientist even found the way to visualize the Field and now we know that it looks very similar to our neuron networks in the brain. So the Field resembles the look of the network of working units in the brain called neurons. I find this knowledge fascinating, but my inspired idea was a bit deeper. I thought if new thoughts can be created and made familiar in our brain, maybe the same principle will work for the thoughts in the Field. If more people would focus and connect to the same thought - that particular thought would get more active, it would expand and be easier accessible for more people to tune into it. In the radio example if the new thought would have a frequency of 98.6 FM and not 98.6001 FM (meaning it would be a 1000 times wider in the scale) then more people would connect to that frequency as it would be easier to align with the wider range of frequency than a very slim one. Forgive my very technical explanation, I hope you follow my point. So my joyful thought was that if more people would focus on thinking of a positive outcome in this worldwide situation if more would deliberately feel the love, compassion, peace and well-being we could activate the loving thoughts in the Field and make it expand so more people would find their way to align with peace, love, and harmony. More people would find the true happiness and love for life, they would finally understand that cars, houses, fancy clothes, or status does not bring the true joy and peace, because they would have found the unconditional happiness. More people would experience the amazing synchronicities guiding them step by step towards their path, more people would notice the guidance coming from within and they would trust it more than TV news, more people would stand up for their freedom.

And so our world would no longer be threatened by introducing the fear, and people would know their well-being so much that no virus would be able to affect their health, we would move freely shaking hands, hugging each other no longer covering our smiles with masks. And we would share the love, compassion, support of all kinds caring for each other because the LOVE would take over the greed, envy, and hate.

I know this is so ideal and many will say slightly naive, but if each of us will take some time to feel the love for ourselves, for others, for the life itself, visualize us lying in the sunny beach instead of trapped inside our houses, recall the feeling of being healthy, happy and free (as many of us were as children) - we can change the world for the better.

Let’s make LOVE a new virus!

Blessings to you all.

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