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The Field of creation or Divine Matrix

Today I decided to bring up this interesting topic. It is relatively new for me and requires open-mindedness and some imagination to understand, that's why it is so exciting. Exciting mostly because the science begins to explain spirituality at this point.

I have been writing about how our thoughts affect our reality, the difference between us thinking a thought and receiving a thought. Let's take this subject to another level, shall we? Have you ever wondered who thinks the thought that we receive? I came up with this question the other day (to be very honest I think I received it because that moment felt so awesome, I can't even describe) and started searching for answers. So I went deep into the rabbit hole. I actually got the answer to my original question, but it was so mind-blowing I need some time to wrap my thoughts around it and maybe I will share that in another post. Never the less I came across a lot of interesting information and different perceptions around the subject, that I wanted to share with you.

In this general understanding, we believe that our thoughts come from our brain, in other words, that our brain is a container for the thoughts. We often say that my head or my mind is full of thoughts, seems logical in this’’ normal’’ world perception. But what does science say, what do the big minds and spiritual leaders explain?

Quantum physics analyses the wave properties of the particles at a micro-level. In simple understanding, if you zoom in any physical object to the smallest unsplitable particle it begins to behave as a wave. So we can say that everything is made of energy at its base. Our thoughts are energy vibrations too. But where are they located? Recent science experiments have proven that the space around us is not empty (as it was believed for a while, and hundreds of years of science was built on the belief there are no particles in ether, all textbooks were written, carriers were made on that data misinterpretation and now no one wants to accept it). The space around us is The Field, which is not visible for the naked eye, but some strong equipment was able to record and visualize the movement of energy. The field was called different names - Divine Matrix, The Field of creation, the Field of intelligent energy and so on. It's something like in The Matrix movie, maybe, after reading this post and looking for more understanding around the subject, you will watch it as a documentary more than science fiction.

As Gregg Braden explains: Although it may seem to be quiet, the transformation that this reality-revolution brings to our lives has erupted with a force unmatched by anything in the past because the same discoveries that have sparked the questions have also led to the conclusion that the “facts” we’ve trusted for 300 years to explain the universe and our role in it are flawed.
They’re based on two assumptions that have been proven false: Nr.1 The space between “things” is empty. New discoveries now tell us that this is simply not true. Nr. 2 Our inner experiences of feeling and belief have no effect on the world beyond our bodies. This has been proven absolutely wrong as well. Paradigm-shattering experiments published in leading-edge, peer-reviewed journals reveal that we’re bathed in a field of intelligent energy that fills what used to be thought of as empty space. (...) Since that time, most science has been grounded in the belief that we are insignificant in the overall scheme of things. It has written us right out of the equation of life and reality!

The Field is where our thoughts constantly expanding, or rather the beliefs that are being converted into our reality. The Field is where the process of creation or change of our reality is happening. The laws of physics say that the only way to change matter is to change its electric field or its magnetic field. Now what position we as humans have in all this process? And be ready, it is huge!

What’s happening inside of the brain during the process of thinking, having in mind that our thoughts are not stored in the brain. Our brain is like an emitting and receiving mechanism, let's compare it to the radio. The song you hear on the radio is not stored inside the radio, you need to tune the radio to the specific frequency to be able to hear what is being emitted on the radio station. The same thing is happening in the brain - it tunes to the frequency of thoughts in the Field to activate/receive the particular thought. Your thoughts are every-bodies thoughts, many people can tune in to the same thought just like many can listen to the same song on the radio. Your brain is just the collection of receptors that receive and emit the signal. The research shows that our brain is creating a certain electric and magnetic field. The electrical impulses in the communicating neurons create the electric field of the brain. When the brain's electric field is emitted it affects the Field and depending on its significance or strength the brain electric field changes the reality. So our thoughts change reality (or it keeps our reality the same if we think the same thoughts all the time). The brain is where we create mental images (where visualization happens), where electric impulses are converted into language, we think in words (the place of affirmations), its where the vibration is translated into sound and music, as well as the taste, the smell, the sense of touch is being perceived and data analyzed. It is quite an amazing system we have, but that's only one part of the puzzle.

The more impressive thing is what our heart can do - it creates a 100 times stronger electric field and 7000 times stronger magnetic field than the brain. That's where the feeling part of manifestation or creation, I was describing in the post Thoughts to things, comes in. So we feel the emotions in our hearts. There is a number of emotions that we can experience, but in general terms we have love as the strongest positive emotion and fear as the strongest negative. Love is the most powerful emotion that creates strongest field in the heart. The heart has a group of cells just like the brain cells and that's how the two of them are communicating with each other.

When a thought in the brain resonates with the feeling in the heart, that’s where the magic happens. The resonance between our thoughts and feelings (brain and heart) creates the belief. When the belief is strong, it will significantly influence the Field and change matter or in other words our perceived physical reality. The power of the heart when it is in coherence multiplies the effect of the brain field and truly profound changes can take place. This is the physics of the manifestation process.

The next question is if your beliefs match the life you wish to create. And if you still live the life you are not happy with - it means your beliefs are in the way. Only by changing your thoughts, then matching the feelings you can attract whatever you like in your life. The significance of the feeling is huge, in fact, feelings is the language of the Field of creation, of the intelligent energy that matches your emitted signal into a manifestation. Don’t forget that the Field is neutral, it doesn’t take sides, it does not differentiate what’s good or bad. If you emit a strong signal, feeling of how you don’t want your life to be - it is exactly what you get. So you continue to live the same life day in and day out. Be deliberate of what you think and what you feel - because it is what will return back to you. The process takes some practice, but those who master it performs miracles in the eyes of the rest of the world.

We as humans are born with intuition and all kinds of senses, unfortunately through the schooling system and society teachings we are conditioned to trust only what we see, smell, hear, taste and touch. We don't trust, or worse don’t even know how to connect to our intuition, we get so disconnected from our inner guidance and so we become victims of our world happening to us. What if the world is happening from us, what if we could take our power back and believe that anything is possible? What if we would live by the laws of compassion and love, if we would understand how connected we all are and how all together we participate in the creation and expansion of this world? What if we could off our TV and not be affected by the deliberate fear being spread by the news? What if we could calibrate and connect to our Inner Being instead? And many do. I hope many more will improve their understanding and realize their life changing power.

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