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The Journey Back To Self

The story of how the book I wanted to write was written by another person. The proof of all of us being connected and able to access the knowledge and information in the Field.

Are you ready for one more amazing story full of synchronicities and beautiful unfoldings? I have been sharing my thoughts and personal experiences during the process of self-discovery and my awakening in the previous posts. Today's story was unfolding over a period of a couple of months, but I think now is the time to bring it to light.

Those days when my transformational experiences were over the roof, so many new realizations, so much deeper understanding of myself and the world, more awareness, more presence than ever before, and of course the perfect guidance of my higher self/my inner-being. Things were happening so fast, answers to whatever I was wondering were coming in no time in the most amazing ways (sometimes by a Facebook post, sometimes by a quote, sometimes by a short interaction with a stranger, sometimes by a video message, or even by a car plate number). I can claim to have a super modern inner-being who found a way to communicate to me in a millennial style through Social Media so I did not need to retreat to some faraway monastery to meditate 24/7 and learn how to hear my inner guidance. I was so overwhelmingly grateful and observant of all the synchronicities and I felt like I have to share my experiences with other people. I wanted to shout out loud for people to wake up and start looking within to find their own spiritual connection and divine guidance so they could experience the unconditional happiness I have just found myself. I was contemplating how I could share my message, could it be an online course, or maybe a book? I sure did not feel like I knew it all to teach or guide people through the process I went through, but I couldn’t keep it only for myself anymore either.

So I started writing, without being sure of an outcome, I was writing my experiences, my burning questions, and beautiful realizations. The more I was writing, the more it seemed to look like a book, so I decided to give it a name. A perfect idea came - ‘’THE JOURNEY BACK TO SELF’’. It made perfect sense, representing my long search for who I really am, my purpose, my happiness, and finding all my answers within. I felt so confident in this name, I was not so sure of the content, but the name was certain.

This is what happened - one of the busy days I checked my Facebook account and saw a new friend request. I am usually not in a hurry to accept any kind of friend into my circle (and I'm sure not requesting to be friends with people unless I had some meaningful interactions with them), so I went for a background check. I saw Darren Timms - Transformation Coach, Best Selling Author, and Mind Architect, it felt like a nice person so I accepted the friendship. To my biggest surprise a while later I saw the message that my friend request was approved. What? Didn’t he request to be my friend first? I sure know how Facebook is functioning and I could swear I saw his request first, but then I decided not to bother myself with what just happened knowing that it’s my inner-being playing games - not the first time anyway. What grabbed my attention was the book that Darren has written. When I understood that the book was newly published and when I saw the name I just felt goosebumps all over my body. ''THE JOURNEY BACK TO SELF, a road-map of self-discovery''. My first thought was… damn! I missed out! Someone else has written my book!

But soon after I caught myself, and observed my reaction that came out of the lack mentality and old paradigm, I knew now I live in an abundant Universe with an endless number of books to be written, and endless opportunities for me to align with… just like the name of the book, and how awesome is that - one more beautiful synchronicity.

After a while, I decided to contact Darren and share this beautiful experience. I guess deep inside I was hoping for some validation that my experience can be seen as cool synchronicity by other people too and that I’m not going crazy or just entertaining myself while living in my imaginary world. So I shortly shared my story by direct message to him and the reply was very supportive and inspiring. Later with a couple of interactions and by listening to Darren's podcast it got more exciting, I understood that he talks about the same things (at its basis) that I have recently realized, experienced, and wanted to share with the world. They say don't compare yourself with other people, but for me, it was helpful to compare myself with people who are going in the same direction, but are in a higher position than I am, so I use them as role models. I needed to evaluate my position in this process (as I knew no people in my surroundings who had gone through these experiences or had the same level of understanding) and who is it better to compare myself with if not the transformational life coach and an author of ''my book’’ with multiple years of experience doing what I want to do in life. It made me feel like I’m on the right path and boy I enjoyed the interactions and deeper conversations in The Journey Back to Self Mastermind group. There was another line of synchronicities and beautifully unfolding answers to my burning questions in perfect timing, as well as new connections with like-minded people. It was really exciting and I was forever grateful to Darren Timms for providing the platform for me ( and others of course ) to express my beliefs, feelings, and thoughts and as well as to gain some confidence and sense of belonging in the process.

At some point, I realized I haven’t yet read The Journey Back To Self book. Deep within I felt a little bit of resistance, what if the book says exactly the same things I wanted to write about? Then I couldn’t offer anything authentic and it felt off. But then I decided to face the truth and read it.

As I started reading the preface the weirdest feeling came all over me. As if I was reading about my experience. When I came to the part IN A NUTSHELL I literally could not stop my tears from flowing… the joyful, happy tears. This part of the text was precisely how I started my book, the words were somewhat different, but the message was 100% exact.

I sat back thinking, how this is even possible? How can two people (being in different parts of the world, from different backgrounds, never even met in life) express the same kind of thoughts? This was perfect proof of how we all are connected, how we can spiritually align, and access the thoughts in the Field. All information and knowledge are available and when we find a way to align with our spiritual self and achieve a certain vibrational level, the deep knowing just comes. Our inner beings are guiding us one step at a time in the most amazing ways, it’s truly magical.

I then wrote to Darren saying that I'm reading the book and I'm crying, it literally feels like I'm reading my own thoughts. Were we connecting to the same thoughts in the Field, I asked.

The beautiful reply was:

It's beautiful to hear. We are all connected to the Field, that's for sure. There is a shift of awareness of greater consciousness, more people are waking up on different levels. And yes, it's all there, we are infinite potential and unlimited potentiality, possibility and everything is out there, everything is in the field already, right? Everything that has, can, and will be is all existing simultaneously. So there is nothing that I can tell you that isn't laying somewhere half-awakened in your knowledge.

As I continued to read the book the feeling as if I’m reading my own thoughts never left me. It was weird as I have never felt like this before, newer in my life reading a book got me so connected. The best part was when Darren described his experiences of the awakening process, I could so relate to all that. Moments when being in nature felt like I was wearing 3D glasses, every perception felt sharpened, the joy, the happiness was overwhelmingly deep and the love I felt for every tree, bush, bird, bug, squirrel, or human passing by was unconditional. I felt like I was observing the world through the eyes of Source and I so much wanted to share these experiences and feelings with others. I wanted to spread that love and goodness to every person I met, I thought if only they would find this joy in life I discovered, the world would change. There wouldn’t be space for fear, worry, depression, self-doubt, or self-blame, people would know their value, and their power, they would discover their purpose, and their true happiness and they would treat others with love and compassion.

I have been writing my blog for a while now intending to share my experiences and hoping that some people would find their connection to their higher selves through my example. And this time I wanted to share the story of ‘’MY BOOK’’ written by Darren Timms, to inspire, to show the magic with which this Universe is orchestrating our beautiful lives based on our beliefs and expectations, of course. I wanted to write the book and look at what happened - the book was written even without me going through the process of writing it, how awesome is that? I actually just realized that collective consciousness was at work here, no place for ego, we are all in this together. I'm sure Darren would not mind me claiming ''The journey back to self'' was my book too, just like anybody else's, as we all connected and have the ability to access the Field of knowledge and information.

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