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In new firmware, it is integrated into the core ISIS modules. It is used for the simulation of a large spectrum of electronic circuits, like, ,, and  . Proteus is characterized by a logical approach, . A detailed analysis of the input and output signals, has no effect on the simulation's calculation speed. All the operations are carried out in the second level of Proteus. There are possibilities for simulation of large blocks (up to ) , and of the complete circuit . For certain functions, special modules can be used. These are currently,, and. Another important module is the circuit simulator (sim) . It is used to simulate a large number of switching gates, like. For detailed user manuals and a list of the available modules, refer to the Proteus manual. The simulation is carried out on the following hardware: Proteus on a PC with (4 or 8 GB RAM and 2 processors, Pentium or  GHz) Proteus for PDSP with (6 GB RAM and 2 processors, ARM or  GHz) Proteus for PDSP Advanced with (4 GB RAM and 2 processors, Pentium or  GHz) Proteus for the PS-4 with (4 GB RAM and 2 processors, PowerPC 970 GHz) The PDSP Proteus is divided into three sections: the image evaluation, the simulation, and the statistics. The first two sections are located on the main screen and the third on the right in the image. On the top there is a menu with various sub-menus. At the left side of the menu there are various tabs and sub-menus. Each tab displays a different kind of information. At the top right of the screen there are various tools to edit the simulation and to add models. The software also features an integrated circuit design facility, namely CADLIB. This is used to describe the IC-design and then is automatically translated into a netlist using a standard cell library and the, and software modules. Proteus makes extensive use of the VHDL, Verilog, and AVR AVR AVR AVR AVR AVR AVR AVR AVR and C code. The is used to compile the logic into a bit-stream which is used as input for the FPGA. To set the simulation parameters, and to obtain the results, the following menu is used: on the main screen, the simulation menu is used. The parameters for the simulation can




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