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Self-Fulfilling Prophecies

Winning and losing can be self-fulfilling prophecies. First, when you are winning, you may play more confidently and decisively. Second, your opponents may become timid and indecisive. They don’t want to confront confident, decisive players, nor do they want to take on lucky ones

Hitting and Running

In addition to playing too long and aggressively when losing, some losers “hit and run.” If they get a little ahead, they quit to lock up their profits. It is exactly the wrong thing to do. “Quitting early when you are winning often means quitting when you are playing your best and your image is most effective, enabling you to win more easily.”

Conversely, when you are losing, you may play less decisively, and your opponents will tend to see you as weak and perhaps unlucky. They will be encouraged to attack, forcing you onto the defensive and reducing or eliminating any edge you may normally have.

For all these reasons, winners push when they are winning, but become more conservative when they are losing. If they are winning, they will stay in the game longer and play their cards more aggressively.



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