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Thank you for taking a step towards your journey back to self. The offer expires soon!

Quantum Healing

Self-Alignment Program

Align your mind, body, and soul so that you can follow your divine guidance and accomplish your goals with ease

You have a great purpose in life and want to increase your impact, but you feel like you are hitting an invisible wall and can't find the way to connect to your higher self and break free from all limitations

  • Are you feeling stuck in life, not being able to fully express your authentic self?

  • You are aware that your mental blocks are holding you back, but don’t know how to work through them?

  • Are you doubting your decisions and lacking confidence?


  • You know you have so much to give, but sometimes you sabotage yourself by procrastinating or playing small.


  • You want to trust your inner guidance, but feeling that connection can be so hard!

It is time to break FREE from all your limitations!


Imagine the feeling when you are fully connected to your higher self. That blissful moment when your heart is full of unconditional love and happiness and the world expresses itself in radiant colors while you listen to your divine guidance leading you towards your true purpose. 

When your mind, body and soul are in alignment, when you mental blocks resolve easily. Because you no longer operate from the place of lack and fear, the abundance flows into your life and your trust is unshakable. 


How will you be able to impact the world when you’re truly aligned? When everything is always working out and you are connected to your intuition, trusting, and purely knowing that whatever you set your mind up to - you will accomplish.

You are capable of so much more than you could ever imagine, there is no end to your potential!

I know this is true, because I have gone from living in misery and self-imposed limitations to complete liberation mentally, physically, and spiritually. I have done things that once seemed impossible.

And now I am on the mission to help people to awaken to their true power, to experience unconditional love and happiness.


My pursuit of happiness ended when I realized that all the answers were available within myself and I found

the tool to access them. Let me tell you my story.

My journey of personal development started years ago when I realized I was following other people's opinions and society’s standards, trying to fit in (that’s what we are being taught and programmed from birth to do). To be honest, I was afraid of being myself, in fact, I didn’t even know who I truly was. I was sad, anxious, doubtful, depressed, insecure, stuffed with debilitating beliefs, and in many ways stuck in life.

I spent years looking through all available sources of information in psychology, brain science, neuroplasticity, mind-body connection, and The Law of Attraction. I followed many motivational speakers, spiritual leaders, success gurus, influencers, I discovered different techniques and methods that never gave me a significant shift, until...

I discovered Quantum Healing and everything shifted at warp speed. 

My life was different, but it was never about me - I wanted to test what’s possible in the Quantum Field and lead by example. 

I knew that I have a tool to help others transform their lives instantaneously.


Imagine how your life would be different if you could release yourself from all programming and self-imposed limits and instead step into your limitless potential?

stephen-leonardi-wPlzrculha8-unsplash (1

You can get rid of the mental blocks and limiting beliefs instantaneously because time doesn’t exist in the Quantum Field.

You can resolve your physical, emotional, or mental issues without spending years in therapy. With Quantum Healing you resolve the past experiences once and for all without reliving them.

You don’t need to waste money on multiple courses, therapies, or treatments out there teaching you how to manage your problems.

Experience Quantum Healing and resolve your issues once and for all.

Enough of those self-help tips, affirmation audios, ‘’the one and only secret that success gurus are not telling you’’ promoted on ads, enough of hoping that one day something will change...



Be your greatest version


Experience the connection to your higher self, to Source energy and develop a deep relationship with the being you truly are.
Become aware of your body, mind, and soul as a communication and interaction system.


Live in abundance


Release mental or energetic blocks out of your system to immediately shift your life experiences from lack and scarcity to endless possibilities. You might not even recall the limiting beliefs you had.

Make your dreams

a reality

Rearranging the neural pathways in your brain will improve your internal dialog, allow you to access and process new ideas and develop new behavior that naturally brings desired results into your life.


Remove the invisible blocks that are holding you back from stepping into your full potential and having more ease

and flow in your life


Quantum Healing Self-Alignment program

Master your life by learning practical tools allowing you to  transform your mental blocks and take control of the manifestation process in just 5 weeks!


What's Included…

  • Resources session –  activate seven specific resource states that your body-mind already has available so that you can realize your unlimited potential. 

  • Eye-Map session – restructure your mind-body processing system to make it more effective so you process the information faster without stress, anxiety, or negative internal dialog. 

  • Time-Lines session – arrange your brain’s time coding structure (past, present and future) so you can easily release the baggage from past memories and create your exact desired future. 

  • Energy System session – explore your energy centers, tune them up, and integrate them with your Resources and Time-Lines in a well formed structure so that you feel grounded and connected to Source energy.

  • Journey session – when your system is all set and well functioning during the final process you will experience the most profound connection with your higher self. Enjoy the Trip!

Reboot your Human Operating System by accessing your inner resources, rearranging your brain processing system, activating your energy centers, and connecting to your higher self. 

Learn how to use Quantum Healing tools for yourself and take full control of your life by mastering your transformation.

Special Offer!

Enroll into the ‘ Quantum Healing Self-Alignment’ program before the 18th of October and get an amazing bonus session -
‘Bust Your Abundance Blocks’!

Are you sick and tired of financial limitations? 

Do you feel like it’s about the time abundance starts flowing into your life? 

YES! We will address your personal representation of money and specific limiting beliefs that are blocking you from enjoying financial freedom.


Quantum Healing

Self-Alignment Program


5 step group program delivered in 1-1,5h weekly sessions

Direct access to me for any additional questions or support during the program

One year subscription to monthly Q&A calls for continuous support inside the supportive Graduates group

Remove your mental blocks and start living a purposeful life connected to your inner guidance. Now is the perfect time to start exploring the possibilities in the Quantum Field.

I’m sure you have put a lot of time and effort looking for a way to resolve your challenges. You can continue hoping to figure it out yourself, or you can end it here and now by accepting the help and turning your life around. Imagine all the opportunities you will miss by delaying this decision.

Take action - transform your life NOW!


The work I've been able to do through Quantum Healing has been massively impactful in my life. I've been able to connect with my inner resources and intuition on a level I've never accessed before. It's opened up pathways in my life and business that I never dreamed of and I'm finally feeling truly "unstuck" and trusting myself to move forward in the perfect direction. Agne's support &  coaching throughout the process is invaluable - thank you Agne!

- Melissa Davis


Going through Quantum Healing with Agne has been an amazing experience! I was captivated from the very first session; where I learned my intuition is only one part of the body’s communication system. The eye-mapping session has eliminated my headaches by reorganizing the way I store memories and new information. The timelines and life-journey sessions have allowed me to see clearly the path to my future and removed the limiting beliefs that have held me back for so long. Working with Agne and Self-Alignment Coaching has been one of the best gifts I have ever given myself!!


- Amanda Betz

The Quantum Healing  sessions with Agne were very powerful and helpful. She did a fantastic job in explaining and supervising the processes, which were easy to follow and apply. In the end, not only did I learn very valuable methods and knowledge for my life, I can now see my inner world in a different, more powerful way than before. Additionally I had a deep healing taking place for which I feel much more connected to myself and the Universe. I highly recommend doing Quantum Healing with Agne, when you want to heal on a deep level and come closer to your true self, while having a professional, kind person by your side.

- Beatrice Cabo


Is Quantum Healing right for you?

Self-Alignment program was created for you if you can’t get through this list without nodding your head.

This offer is right for you if…

  • You sense that you have more to offer to the world and want to unleash that inner potential

  • You have done personal development work and you want more tangible results

  • You are open-minded and willing to explore the possibilities in the Quantum Field 

This offer may not be for you if…

  • You are still playing the victim role and are not willing to take responsibility for your life.

  • You are not interested in improving your physical, mental, and emotional health.

  • You are not ready to challenge your current beliefs and subconscious programming.

Reboot your Human Operating System by accessing your inner resources, rearranging your brain processing system, activating your energy centers, and connecting to your higher self. 

Enroll into the ‘ Quantum Healing Self-Alignment’ program before 18th of October and get an amazing bonus session -
‘Bust Your Abundance Blocks’!

Quantum Healing

Self-Alignment Program

$ 500

6 step group program delivered in 1-1,5h weekly sessions

Direct access to me for any additional questions or support during the program

One year subscription to monthly Q&A calls for continuous support inside the supportive Graduates group

You will experience the most profound shift going through the Self-Alignment program - aligning with your higher self, reprogramming your mind, transforming your limiting beliefs and more. Master Your Transformation program will allow you to learn how to use Quantum Healing tools for yourself and take full control of your life experience.

Think, how much would it cost you not to update your limiting programming and continue living out of alignment, out of Flow, just managing your emotional and physical issues?

Just imagine how your life will change when you experience the inner transformation AND have the knowledge and tools to resolve any upcoming challenge.

Imagine trusting your intuition, being connected to the Source energy, and simply knowing that whatever you focus your mind on - you will experience.

Bust your Abundance blocks and experience the emotional, mental, physical freedom like never before so you can impact the world.

Don’t miss out - this offer expires on Monday!

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