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Thoughts to things

Scientific analysis of the process of deliberate creation. The Law Of Attraction (LOA) and the steps that needs to be accomplished to manifest your greatest desires.

- Good news - you create your own reality!

- Really? So I can be, do or have anything I want?

- Yes! It is all up to you.

- Can’t be true, otherwise, I wouldn’t have created this mess I am living now…

- Well, that's because you were creating by default. If you learn the steps and focus, you can create your reality deliberately, just the way you want it.

- What are the steps?

- Read along and I will guide you…

I believe you have heard about the Law Of Attraction (LOA). Many have seen the movie ’’The Secret’’ years ago, that was exactly how I came across this information and went searching for my own truth. So based on the understanding that everything in this world is made out of energy - your thoughts, positive or negative, attract things by the Law Of Attraction. What you think, what you focus on, eventually manifests in your life. So in very basic understanding - what you think on a daily basis, you attract into your reality. The Law Of Attraction is like gravity - gravity does not care if you are good or bad, slim or fat, it keeps you stable on the surface of this earth. The same way the LOA does its job by bringing the things to your life based on your thoughts, beliefs, and feelings. When you think positive thoughts - you have positive results. Think that you are sick - you will get sick. Think that you don't deserve to be rich - it will not be for you. Complain that you can’t find your love - it will be delayed until you change your thinking.

Whatever you can imagine in your mind's eye by sending your thoughts into the Universe, believe it and feel like you already have it - it will come.

The basic process goes like this - You go through your life having different experiences, some good, some bad, in the process you realize what you prefer to experience. The more unwanted experience you have the more you want to have a positive one. When you are consciously aware of what you want - you can control the thoughts you emit into the Field. The steps go like this:

1. You ask, make a wish, think a thought (you do that even if you are not aware of the process). You can’t not think and not want a better situation - that's human nature. Whatever thought you emit into the field, wanted or unwanted, it manifests accordingly.

2. The Universe answers. The answer is always YES because the universal law is The Law of Attraction. There is no exception, only attraction. What you think - you attract. Whether you think what you want or you think what you don’t want - you attract the very thing. When you think: - I might get sick. You get sick. When you think: - No, no, no, I don’t want to get sick. You get sick! The Universe is not familiar with our complicated grammar of wants and don’ts. You got to formulate the phrase in the right way… If you don’t want to get sick, say you want to be healthy. So you attract health. What you ask - it is given. This step is not your job - the Universe answers immediately after you launch your desire.

3. You need to allow what you have asked into your life. That means you need to be in alignment, in resonance, in the same vibration with the ‘wish’ for you to experience it. The thought needs to be clear, pure and can not be followed with other contradictory thoughts to manifest. Unfortunately, our busy minds are full of thoughts pushing and pulling in different directions. Every thought has two aspects of it: the wanted and the absence of it. So when you think you want more money in your life you become aware of the absence of it. It is important to focus on the right aspect of the wish. We are trained to analyze every situation we observe and this skill is putting a stick into the wheel. What often happens is that you think you want more money in your life, but then your attention goes on the absence of it. Your focus goes there your thoughts are flowing and so when you focus on the bill you need to pay and the absence of the money - you attract more bills like this instead of exes money. Therefore it is crucial to be aware and focus on the thing you want - otherwise, you manifest more and more lack of the wanted.

4. The feeling or emotion supporting the thought needs to be accomplished for manifestation to appear. Thought with emotion works like an electric and magnetic fields - they don’t exist without one another. Moving electric fields automatically generates the magnetic field circulating around. In the same way, the thought will generate the feeling or emotion in the physical body. Only when the two of them are in resonance consistently - manifestation can take place in time.

Another term should be introduced at this point - the belief. Belief is a thought that you continue to think and that generates the same emotion every time you think that same thought. With time this thought gets familiar, your body gets addicted to the emotion and chemicals that are being generated in the body. So when a random thought that is contradicting your belief comes, it is not strong enough to generate a stronger emotion than the emotion your body is used to.

Meaning if you think ‘’I want a new job’’, but you believe that you don’t have enough qualification for it - the emotion will not be positive, ‘not enough’ emotion will be stronger, therefore a positive manifestation can not take place in this condition. For the new job to manifest your belief of not being enough needs to be shifted away or the wanting for the new job needs to be much stronger than contrary belief to generate much stronger emotion.

Therefore usually, pretty much always our limiting beliefs are not serving us and contradicts our wishes and desires even if we follow the right steps towards manifestation - we don’t see the wanted results. It is usually when we are not consciously aware of our beliefs - it is too deep in the subconscious program. As I discussed about how the mind and brain work before, the habitual thoughts and beliefs are stored in the subconscious mind and often we are not aware of them. That's why often we struggle for a long time seemingly following the right steps and taking the right actions only to end up with no desired results.

Let's say consciously I want to be financially free, I want it so bad, I learn from the rich people, follow the same steps that makes them rich, but my subconscious mind plays a prank on me by not letting me see some details in the process and so all my efforts go for nothing. My subconscious mind has a block that’s purpose is to protect me from being harmed. The mental block is a strong belief that was registered in my brain at some point in my life, very likely before 7 years of age. It might be that I was told that rich people are bad and in the process of pursuing money they end up dead. My brilliant brain is protecting me from becoming a greedy, selfish person who dies suffocating with golden coins in the throat. Quite a scary image :) But that’s how our mind is protecting us based on silly paradigms and limiting beliefs. Good news is that there are ways to get rid of mental blocks and limiting beliefs, I will talk bout the methods to do that in the future and here you can read my story of overcoming a strong limiting belief and how my life changed ever since.

So if your goal is, for example, to find your soulmate and you struggle with the wrong people coming around (because your ex did not treat you the way you deserve and you started doubting your worth), you need to work on your beliefs, be aware of your thoughts. You need to be specific on your expectations of the relationship and the person you wish to attract. You need to climb over the self-doubt and find the feeling of love within. Imagine how it feels to finally have your perfect partner beside you. Believe that for a little while and keep your focus on the positive side. Write the lists of how you want things to be, how you want to feel, what experiences you want to have together, visualize it happening, maintain the easy, happy, loving, positive feeling and by all means don’t allow a negative thought or comment to enter your head. Don't allow any doubt to mess your vibration, focus, be in control - it works, I have tested myself ;) And in a relatively short time you will have your desire fulfilled, I’m sure!

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